Talented Video Games Characters Qualified For Olympics

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Geralt of Rivia would probably dominate any fencing competition he’s known as one of the greatest swordsman alive recognize him. This is Geralt of Rivia the best swordsman the North has ever seen. I mean sure to us it’s really easy just hold out and match the square button a bunch of times and he does some spinny swings and tricks but just think of the determination you need the amount of training to achieve that level of skill to be able to beat any animal or human in sword combat. I think Geralt also has the upper hand in terms of the competition just because of his sheer confidence, he has faith in his abilities he knows exactly what he can accomplish and he could drink a bunch of gross poisons and not throw up and yes once again he is another person to have superhuman abilities and i gotta say let’s just disregard that whole thing. Let’s just keep it going whether you have powers or abilities or performance-enhancing anything or not you’re in whatever its video games.

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For Olympic gymnastics who do you think would take the gold I think none other than Lara Croft. I’m not talking about the new Lara Croft that i’m not talking about Angelina Jolie i’m talking about the original Lara Croft Tomb Raider. She has a gymnastic training course in the middle of her mansion. Do you remember those games that if he climbed up on a legend you hold l1 and r1 she would do that climbing handstand thing that’s probably one of the biggest feats of gymnastics I’ve ever even seen. Can anyone even do that in real life. She’s basically an all-around perfect athlete she can do flips like that rolls back flips Swan dives perfectly and in those newer tomb raider games like Tomb Raider Legend. Mashing the circle button would let her do a bunch of cartwheels and round offs right there in the middle of the jungle in the middle of action.

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Olympic boxing we’re putting our money on Little Mac. Yes Little Mac has had a long and storied career starting off way back when with Mike Tyson’s punch-out. As a young up-and-comer he stared down the face of competition and easily knocked out dozens of opponents twice his size no matter the challenge. Little Mac is pretty much rise to the occasion not only that but he’s come out of retirement for Super Smash Brothers in the space down pretty legendary years and has been able to hold his own. He may not be the best smash character but he could definitely whoop some ass and I think it’s definitely worth mentioning that way back during Mike Tyson’s punch-out he punched Mike Tyson so hard he made Mike Tyson go crazy.

She’s easily pulling off gymnastic routines better than the any gymnast in Olympics and I think that’s worth mentioning that Lara croft is the most badass. The Olympic long jump and high jump and all that stuff you know what let’s give a medal and some commendation to Mario. Of all people sure he may look a little schlubby and stupid but give this guy enough room for three hops and that third hop he will go sky-high and beat any record that anyone has ever said. If you think about it he’s been running and jumping over stuff long before any part Olympic athletes have even been born. He is the original platform jumper the one that started it all so we’re giving them some props.

Uber is Releasing Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

Everyone knows how horrible taxi drivers can be especially in New York City. Well Uber set out to offer a safer option to hailing cabs, claiming that they employ the best professional drivers that make their customers feel most comfortable. Well I hate to break it to you Uber but that’s not always the case. You may remember the video that went viral a few weeks back showing an enraged Uber driver yelling at a customer trying to reach the ER.

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To improve customer satisfaction, Uber will soon roll out a series, which is a self-driving car. The goal is to replace Uber’s more than 1 million human drivers with robot drivers as quickly as possible. Uber announced that later this month it will allow customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones crossing an important milestone that no other automotive or technology company has yet to achieve. Now Google who’s widely preferred as the leader in this field has been testing its fleet for several years what Tesla Motors offers the autopilot option. But not one of these companies has been able to bring a self-driving car service to the market. And that 300 million dollar joint project with Volvo, the pair will develop base vehicles that incorporate the latest development and autonomous driving technology.



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Uber’s Pittsburgh fleet will be supervised by humans in the driver’s seat to start and consistent specially modified Volvo sport utility vehicles that included dozens of sensors that use cameras, lasers, radar, and GPS receiver. Now this move could be huge for Uber as courier services are already looking to come on board. Analysts have chalked up the company’s 62.5 billion-dollar valuation to its potential to become more than just a transportation company as Uber already implement additional services like to uber eats. Now I’m not too sure if I’ll be one of the first to travel to Pittsburgh to try out uber’s new system but I will be on the lookout for Uber’s praise to come. Now I’m just glad they’re testing it in a city like Pittsburgh as opposed to New York which holds some of the craziest drivers of all time. Let’s just help you suppose robot soon to be transporting people have superb driving skills and are planning to take over the world.

You Will Faint If You Know How Much Money Invested To Create These Video Games

If you are thinking that video games that gave you fun and entertainment are here because they are simple. No you got it all wrong, these video games very expensive that’s the reason these video games are very awesome.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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When you have hope that your title will explode into a flurry of dollar bills at its launch, you may do what Activision did and sink over four times the cost of development into marketing alone. What would have been a rather modest $50 million game wound up costing, by today’s standards, over $275 million when marketing is factored in. It’s no surprise, either, considering that Modern Warfare 2 was plastered just about everywhere. Cross-promotional branding, branded gaming peripherals, and commercials in all of the right – and likely expensive places, definitely incurred a good portion of that money, but it was $200 million that didn’t go to waste. Day one sales in the United States and United Kingdom alone broke $310 million and would hit $1 billion in sales within the first quarter of its release.
Grand Theft Auto IV

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For Rockstar Games, telling the story of Eastern European immigrant Niko Bellic was worth spending quite a bit of dough, and so they shelled out the most they ever had to tell it. At its release, Grand Theft Auto IV had the 2nd largest map size of the series, but also featured an impressive graphical overhaul that made Liberty City look and feel like a living thing. By the time development had closed on the 2008 title, Rockstar Games had shelled out over $110 million. It was a worthy investment, as the game saw a return of $310 million on its first day and opened up a pathway to two expansions.


Grand Theft Auto V

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In terms of size, Grand Theft Auto V is a massive game, but does that alone account for the considerably high cost of development? The Witcher 3 boasts a map 1.5 times the size of San Andreas and a smaller budget, so there has to be more to Rockstar’s investment, which capped around $270 million, including marketing. For about five years, a team of 200 individuals worked hard to bring San Andreas to life, rendering a beautiful city stuffed to the brim with hours of activities like tennis, golf, darts, arm wrestling, racing, parachuting and, of course, GTA’s favorite pastime, beating up random citizens. The investment proved to pay off, as the game went on to capture 6 Guinness World Records, including the Highest Sales for a title game in a 24-hour period, and the fastest game to reach $1 billion in sales – which took a mere 72 hours, by the way.




Playstation Best Video Games

You know the drill and were ooking towards the future as always be sure to like and subscribe if you like list the videos like this of course release date for somebody’s games are subject to change many other may get bumped to 2016 so we will update them accordingly let’s just get right into it starting off with a



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Until Dawn

Until dawn is a PlayStation exclusive story heavy survival horror puzzle game originally being designed as a weird PlayStation Move title for PlayStation 3. This has been bumped over to a PlayStation 4 for me and honestly it looks pretty cool there’s a lot of game play out there and it looks pretty intuitive tense atmosphere an interesting voice acting and to some really good sense of dread. You walk around clunky controls similar to resident evil in you solve puzzles and look at things and use your flashlight get scared and honestly that’s what players love and that’s why we’re looking forward to playing.



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The Witcher 3

Our goal when I even begin with The Witcher 3 the multi-platform action adventure RPG follows the tales of character for me as it goes across the land slay monsters and playing women just doing cool stuff. If you’ve never played with your game now is the time to start it’s a lot like Skyrim but with the heavier focus on character and story telling with the grittier spin like a mid-round. The open world game is huge in the graphics look insanely stunning at E3 I was lucky enough to see this game in action and it was like seeing the face of God.





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Rime is going to be one of Sony’s big headlining indie titles next year. It’s a dynamic third-person open-world action puzzle type game in the same vein of Zelda or Echo. It looks pretty gorgeous with the day-night cycle in a stunning cel-shaded look great though there isn’t too much more to go on with Rime right now other than that seems kinda like a beautiful peaceful relaxing in the game which PlayStation 4 owners have proven to love with journey in flower so I’m sure I’m a scratch that same it for many buyers.



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Bloodborne is the upcoming from software successor to Dark Souls and as a PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne takes that much loved and hated masochistic gameplay style and messes it with the weird spooky Victorian bad and it just looks really damn cool players who got access to the early offer have done nothing but release on its praises. The game looks have some really incredible monster boss designs and just that gameplay that you love to get crushed by even any official PlayStation gameplay demo. The person playing the game is getting their ass handed to them. I think that’s a sign of things to come.



Ideal Video Games You Can Anticiapte With Great Story


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Dark Souls 3 now if there’s any series that has extremely high expectations Dark Souls. Dark Souls is present in almost every quote unquote hardcore gaming discussion and sets the bar for difficulty in modern games a bar that not many other games actually even meet. The latest entry looks to retain a couple of the advancements from Bloodborne but really what kind of a spiritual entry to that series anyhow. Dark Souls can be mind-bendingly frustrating but also incredibly rewarding and the third entry this series is something that people have been looking forward to since the second entry.




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The Legend of Zelda Wii U is going to be a massive jump resulted Nintendo has realized that the Legend of Zelda needs to be an open world game. Knowing that the NES original is essentially the equivalent of one an open world game is for, for that era the style they’ve created is somewhere between Wind Waker in Skyward Sword and it’s gorgeous. If you ask me that’s probably going to be the best Legend of Zelda game in a very long time and is probably gonna set the bar for 3D Zeldas. Don’t know that it’s going to take down link to pass that they just might be the nostalgia talking I think we’re going to see some really good and just a new game being release from Nintendo called pokemon go for ios and android.




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Tom Clancys The Division another game that has been in development for ever. Tom Clancys The Division is a really cool looking game frankly and it’s seen its share of controversy especially seems to show up every once in while looking slightly different but people are playing the beta now and calling it great. Some of the effects have seen even on the console version are really gorgeous an idea of the game is really great as well so if you’re is ready to take a dive into mid crisis New York restoring order and investigating the source of the virus that is killing people like crazy which is pretty interesting as we have seen a whole lot of post-apocalypse but not as much of what’s going on during.




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Final Fantasy 15 is finally coming out what’s funny is how long Final Fantasy 15 has been in development yet how much of the development seems to have happened this last year too. Recently Square showed up more advancements in the Final Fantasy 15 battle system that really make it look exciting I played both versions of the download and the second version actually had much better combat is a lot more streamlined enjoyable and you see a lot more team oriented stuff going on and I really like that for this game and it has been a long time since I said that about a Final Fantasy game.



RPG’s Hottest Releases This Year

Check out right now the best RPG of 2006 that will give you new features and a lot more of fun. You can pick this list below.



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Kingdom Come: Deliverance being developed by Warhorse Studios, this is an action RPG releasing for all the major console. This is a medieval style RPG relying heavily on historical accuracy and realism. The game actually has period accurate armour, clothing, techniques, weapons, tactics and everything. You can be a knight, some other type of warrior a bard, a thief, an archer or anything you really want. This game is so realistic that you walk around you talk to people you have a very limited time to answer dialogue choices and you actually have to eat to stay alive. So yeah it’s one of those things again it’s very deep it’s very open ended and you’re gonna spend a lot of time in it you liked it. So in 2016 you could be exploring the kingdom of Bohemia in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.







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Lost Ark is a Korean made action RPG that is kind of a Diablo clone. That being said they usually isn’t a bad thing because Diablo is really good and we always want more of that style game. At the time making this video we still don’t know a lot about Lost Ark but we know it runs on Unreal Engine 4 there’s mini games, mini quests, there’s puzzles, there’s combat, there’s music sheets and all kinds of weird stuffs.








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The Technomancer this is being developed by the Studio Apiders the guys who made Mars Warlocks. You remember that one, some people do. This is a sci-fi action RPG with different combat styles and players can make their own weapons and armor. The style and the main character and stuff and the trailer actually make it seem kind of cool despite the studios pedigree being a little shaky we voted on this list because hey maybe it’s worth a trying.








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Bravely Second releasing for the Nintendo 3ds it’s a JRPG and a sequel to you guessed it Bravely Default. This time around the gameplay remains mostly the same with some slight changes including Agnes serving as a new party navigation guide, building a different type of village this time on the moon and a revamped version of side quests. The games takes place two years after Bravely Default and feature four main protagonist.






art of sword en hackPillars of Eternity the White March part 2 the second DLC expansion in the early awesome pillars of attorney this time around you get a new companion the level cap goes above fourteen and there’s a new mode where you can play there and just experienced the story if that’s what you’re into. That being said the pillars of attorney gameplay and challenge is really good and we recommend not skipping so whether you’ve been playing eternity since back before it’s released or if you’re just hopping into it you have something more to look forward to coming from the game this year in 2016.


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Technology Thus Improving Working Experience

This is portion of a collection of posts exploring the employee experience, that is, creating a place where employees in fact wish to turn up, not where they should appear. This series will discover what I define as the three worker expertise settings that all organizations much concentrate on which are physical, cultural, and technological. This is an increasing area that I am exceptionally excited regarding considering that it sees organizations shifting far from thinking of work as a utility to actually paying attention to developing wonderful experiences.




The technological setting of the organization refers to the tools employees utilize to get their jobs performed. This consists of everything from the internal social network your company might use to the mobile devices that are accepted to the laptops, desktops, and video conferencing remedies that workers have access to. This also consists of any apps, software,e-learning tools, and user experience and layout elements that affect how employees use these numerous tools. Technology is the core nervous system of the organization and most principles and themes associated with the future of work are not feasible without technology.



It’s not difficult to find why innovation is such a huge part of the staff experience. If you turn up to work and are forced to utilize innovations that were thought as cool in the 90’s then plainly you’re visiting be a bit disappointed with getting your job undertaken. Utilizing out-of-date and poorly designed technologies will make it harder for your to connect and collaborate with workers, considerably boost the amount of time it takes you to get your job carried out, and produce a setting that sees you being discouraged, upset, and unproductive instead of being engaged, happy, and productive.

Company cannot improve what they don’t understand which indicates it’s important to maintain a continuous pulse on what’s going on in the world of technology. Things like big information, wearable gadgets, the internet of things, participation tools, internal social networks, and robots and automation are all an aspect of the technology load that organizations should understand. There’s no secret here for what to perform, read appropriate posts, participate in conferences, speak with other institutions, purchase books, etc. It’s not difficult to comprehend what the various kinds of innovations are.

Enjoy The Benefits of Technologies Today

Nowhere accomplishes this uncertainty come into play much more dramatically than when taking on new technologies: It’s nothing if not individual to go with a whole range of sensibilities before settling down with your new technology and fully realizing its advantages. After performing hundreds of prosperous applications, we’ve seen first-hand practically each and every mistake to refine adopting: integration grabs, restless employees pressing for more modification and supervision that cannot see the huge picture, disputing the need and value of the solution.






Careful research and a sound definition of targets and demands are vital to the success of a new technological undertaking. Even when there’s an excellent fight between the company’s needs and a technology’s solutions, there may still be some underlying places of conflict. Here is a method to visualize this relationship:

There are regularly methods to further adjustment, modify, extend and customize any technology, however these investments can be lengthy and pricey. The popular course is to gain the easy wins available by taking full advantage of what you can get with the base technology now, while planning to extend it at a later phase.




Recognizing the advantages inherent in a new innovation requires some flexibility on the part of the business. This is especially true for disruptive technologies, which require the organization to remodel the disruption into its strategy and realign its procedures correctly. Technology is typically at the main of these changes, however without a relevant adjustment of teams, workflows and mentioning formats, maximizing its potential is a long odds.

While a lot of these companies once had distinct teams managing digital marketing and traditional marketing functionalities, the technology is appearing to coordinate these disparate applications and deliver more personalized campaigns. However so as to totally recognize the perks of such technology, business are required to produce certain improvements to how the several teams are coordinated and collaborated.



Together with the technology, organizations need to embrace an active state of mind when thinking about workflow and team structure. Eventually, straightening innovation and organizational structure is the speediest route to attaining a successful fostering and optimum ROI.