Talented Video Games Characters Qualified For Olympics

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Geralt of Rivia would probably dominate any fencing competition he’s known as one of the greatest swordsman alive recognize him. This is Geralt of Rivia the best swordsman the North has ever seen. I mean sure to us it’s really easy just hold out and match the square button a bunch of times and he does some spinny swings and tricks but just think of the determination you need the amount of training to achieve that level of skill to be able to beat any animal or human in sword combat. I think Geralt also has the upper hand in terms of the competition just because of his sheer confidence, he has faith in his abilities he knows exactly what he can accomplish and he could drink a bunch of gross poisons and not throw up and yes once again he is another person to have superhuman abilities and i gotta say let’s just disregard that whole thing. Let’s just keep it going whether you have powers or abilities or performance-enhancing anything or not you’re in whatever its video games.

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For Olympic gymnastics who do you think would take the gold I think none other than Lara Croft. I’m not talking about the new Lara Croft that i’m not talking about Angelina Jolie i’m talking about the original Lara Croft Tomb Raider. She has a gymnastic training course in the middle of her mansion. Do you remember those games that if he climbed up on a legend you hold l1 and r1 she would do that climbing handstand thing that’s probably one of the biggest feats of gymnastics I’ve ever even seen. Can anyone even do that in real life. She’s basically an all-around perfect athlete she can do flips like that rolls back flips Swan dives perfectly and in those newer tomb raider games like Tomb Raider Legend. Mashing the circle button would let her do a bunch of cartwheels and round offs right there in the middle of the jungle in the middle of action.

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Olympic boxing we’re putting our money on Little Mac. Yes Little Mac has had a long and storied career starting off way back when with Mike Tyson’s punch-out. As a young up-and-comer he stared down the face of competition and easily knocked out dozens of opponents twice his size no matter the challenge. Little Mac is pretty much rise to the occasion not only that but he’s come out of retirement for Super Smash Brothers in the space down pretty legendary years and has been able to hold his own. He may not be the best smash character but he could definitely whoop some ass and I think it’s definitely worth mentioning that way back during Mike Tyson’s punch-out he punched Mike Tyson so hard he made Mike Tyson go crazy.

She’s easily pulling off gymnastic routines better than the any gymnast in Olympics and I think that’s worth mentioning that Lara croft is the most badass. The Olympic long jump and high jump and all that stuff you know what let’s give a medal and some commendation to Mario. Of all people sure he may look a little schlubby and stupid but give this guy enough room for three hops and that third hop he will go sky-high and beat any record that anyone has ever said. If you think about it he’s been running and jumping over stuff long before any part Olympic athletes have even been born. He is the original platform jumper the one that started it all so we’re giving them some props.

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Uber is Releasing Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

Everyone knows how horrible taxi drivers can be especially in New York City. Well Uber set out to offer a safer option to hailing cabs, claiming that they employ the best professional drivers that make their customers feel most comfortable. Well I hate to break it to you Uber but that’s not always the case. You may remember the video that went viral a few weeks back showing an enraged Uber driver yelling at a customer trying to reach the ER.

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To improve customer satisfaction, Uber will soon roll out a series, which is a self-driving car. The goal is to replace Uber’s more than 1 million human drivers with robot drivers as quickly as possible. Uber announced that later this month it will allow customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones crossing an important milestone that no other automotive or technology company has yet to achieve. Now Google who’s widely preferred as the leader in this field has been testing its fleet for several years what Tesla Motors offers the autopilot option. But not one of these companies has been able to bring a self-driving car service to the market. And that 300 million dollar joint project with Volvo, the pair will develop base vehicles that incorporate the latest development and autonomous driving technology.



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Uber’s Pittsburgh fleet will be supervised by humans in the driver’s seat to start and consistent specially modified Volvo sport utility vehicles that included dozens of sensors that use cameras, lasers, radar, and GPS receiver. Now this move could be huge for Uber as courier services are already looking to come on board. Analysts have chalked up the company’s 62.5 billion-dollar valuation to its potential to become more than just a transportation company as Uber already implement additional services like to uber eats. Now I’m not too sure if I’ll be one of the first to travel to Pittsburgh to try out uber’s new system but I will be on the lookout for Uber’s praise to come. Now I’m just glad they’re testing it in a city like Pittsburgh as opposed to New York which holds some of the craziest drivers of all time. Let’s just help you suppose robot soon to be transporting people have superb driving skills and are planning to take over the world.

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