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    The New Dust Bowl – when North America’s great Aquifer goes dry


    The Ogallala, or High Plains Aquifer is a massive inland sea, stretching beneath Texas all the way up to South Dakota. It is made up of water collected from before the last Ice Age, and at its deepest point is more than 400 feet deep. Or rather it was.

    Since modern irrigation techniques were introduced in the late 1940’s, the aquifer has been used to irrigate the Great Plains regions of the United States and enabled us to grow our massive quantities of wheat and other agricultural products which turned the US into the breadbasket of the world. It is this same water pumped from the Aquifer which finally turned around the Dust Bowl in the 1940’s and enabled the land to become usable again.


    However, the aquifer, like any other natural resource, is not inexhaustible, and it takes far longer to refill than it takes for us to use it up. In fact, scientists have estimated that within the next 25-30 years, the Aquifer will become almost completely depleted. Already in the southern plains states, such as in Western Oklahoma and Texas, their portions of the aquifer have reached such desperately low levels that they are unable to continue irrigating their crops. Already, the infamous dust storms of the 1930’s have begun to return to the Texas Panhandle, and it is only a matter of time before we are faced with a far greater crisis than the Depression-era generation faced ¾ of a century ago. When the aquifer goes dry, the breadbasket will be empty, replaced by a Saharan desert of massive dust storms raging across abandoned bone-dry fields.


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    Orwellian Police State tracking preppers and confiscating all their food, imprisoning them as insurgents.


    Many preppers think that when the shit hits the fan, they will be able to escape to their Bugout retreat and live out the rest of their days in survivalist bliss, mostly just having to fend off the occasional armed thug or opportunistic interloper with an empty stomach. How many of us are prepared for Sky-Net style hunter drones being used to ferret out and/or rain hellfire missiles down on our last standout, to be followed up with military units sweeping through afterward and confiscating our carefully prepared food and supplies, hauling off the survivors (insurgents) to a windowless cell indefinitely without trial or possibility for release?


    The disturbing truth is that the groundwork for this dystopian scenario has already been laid. The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2012 officially authorized the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) AKA drones,  within US domestic airspace. The Obama administration, which has ordered more than 298 drone strikes overseas from 2008-2012, killing more than 50 civilians (at the most conservative estimates), claims that armed drones will never be used within US airspace. However, the Justice Department has spent over $5 million on domestic drones for the FBI, ATF, and local police departments which may or may not be armed (such as the Montgomery, Texas Sheriffs department which is arming its drones with rubber bullets and Tasers). Even if they are not armed, however, the drone’s primary stated purpose, surveillance is bad enough. With drones, police and government officials can monitor you, your home, and your preps from a distance without needing to obtain a warrant.


    Furthermore, the National Defense Authorization act of 2012, building on the infamous Patriot Act authorizes the indefinite detention of US civilians as enemy combatants (and extends the US Army’s jurisdiction, classifying cyberspace as a battlefield, making anyone “opposing US interests” online a “combatant on a battlefield”).

    The president also signed last year the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order, which authorizes the DHS, DoD, and the Departments of Labor, and Agriculture, to seize and stockpile all resources (including food) and infrastructure deemed necessary for “national defense”, and all civilian workers’ labor to be utilized “for the purposes of national defense”.


    Please check this out for yourself. You can go to: for more info.

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